>just a personal note…


Mike and I took off yesterday and headed up north for what will probably be our last beach day of the summer. We had a busy Labor Day weekend, photographing Leah & Jason’s wedding on Saturday and then a day at the office and a photo session on Monday. I have to admit though, working with Leah and Jason didn’t really feel like “working” at all! What a great couple! The session on Monday was for an adorable one year old little guy. We photographed his parent’s wedding a couple years ago and since we just love to see our clients’ families grow we couldn’t pass up the opportunity! We’ll be posting photos soon from both sessions.
We decided on somewhat of a whim to take a much needed day off and head to my family’s cabin at Higgins Lake Monday night. On Tuesday we took advantage of the gorgeous day and took our dogs to the beach, went for a bike ride and went swimming. We got some great photos of our pooches splashing around in the water, I’ll post some of these too soon. Now, we’re back, feeling refreshed and ready for September which is shaping up to be our busiest month of the year. We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

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