>Man’s Best Friend


Many of our clients know that we are huge dog lovers and some have even met our furry kids.  We have two dogs: Buddha, a 4 year old shar pei, and Mac, a bullmastiff that is just over 6 months old.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Mike and I took a trip to Higgins Lake the day after Labor Day and we couldn’t resist taking our camera along.  We had so much fun, maybe there’s a new avenue of our business in the future?? 🙂

Mac was born in February and was introduced to the beach several times this summer.  There are so many great things about the beach!  

The sticks taste great… 

The water tastes great…

Shaking is so much more fun in the water!

Swimming is a blast (especially when there is a Frisbee involved)!

Buddha doesn’t share Mac’s love of the water but he does like working on his tan!

This guy looks good without even trying!

A little dip to cool off…

Even though Mac is already bigger than Buddha, he weighs somewhere around 80 lbs. compared to Buddha’s 50, seniority rules when it comes to wrestling matches!

Some dog breeds have a bad reputation and that is part of what encouraged us to choose the dogs that we did.  Both breeds have kind of a bad rap, which is completely undeserved.  Their best buddy is a pitbull, another misunderstood breed.  We hope that more people will give these dogs a chance and learn not to fear them.

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