Katelyn & Nic {Chesaning Wedding Photographers}

Katelyn & Nic’s wedding day was simply amazing! They are a wonderful couple and I’m not sure anyone would change a single thing about their wedding. When we arrived at The Milestone Barn, one of our favorite places to photograph weddings, we were so impressed. Not only do the owners continuously update the amenities and grounds of the barn, but the decorations that Katelyn and Nic brought in were just perfect.

Part of what is so great about being a wedding photographer is seeing people at their best and learning their story. Katelyn and Nic met when they were just teenagers when she walked into the ice cream shop “up north” and he was the one behind the counter. How incredibly cute is that? They grew up together and stayed together all through school. Their deep connection and friendship is so obvious in how they talk to, look at, and interact with each other!

Weddings can be stressful. Lets be honest, it’s a lot of work and a lot of pressure for everything to turn out how you are envisioning it. I think the key to truly enjoying your wedding (just my opinion, but I have been to a lot of weddings!) is checking out of planning mode and trusting your loved ones and vendors to take over for you and simply trusting that everything will come together. This is exactly what Katelyn and Nic were able to do and they had such wonderful attitudes (they were genuinely at their best) and a beautiful celebration!

Wasn’t Katelyn a gorgeous bride? 

This couple was up for anything! When I tentatively asked how she would feel about lying on the ground (with my fingers crossed) Katelyn enthusiastically responded “Sure!”.  Gotta love a brave bride. 🙂

The barn was just gorgeous with all of their personal touches! It really means a lot to us when couples include us in their day. Katelyn, Nic, and their families were soooo kind and even sat us at the family table with her parents (definitely not expected!). It was fun hearing the “inside scoop”, like how her dad made the cocktail tables and cupcake holder by hand and how they put all of the unopened lilies in their bedroom with the heat cranked to 85 degrees to make them blossom in time for the wedding! They even had these cute jars for us, which I later used to enjoy a virgin sangria – the bride’s signature drink!

We stepped outside for a few golden hour portraits of the bride & groom. Totally worth it! Katelyn & Nic, thank you so much for having us as your photographers! We were thrilled to document the start of what we are sure will be a long and successful marriage!

– Beth & Mike

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